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Are these the five most bespoke chairs in the world?

The world of chair design is a turbulent place, a battle of ergonomics versus design, a constant struggle to source the finest materials and deliver a seating solution that fits the purpose.

In this piece for we source five of the most amazing chairs, each of them amazingly bespoke and surely supremely comfortable. So make yourself comfortable on your favourite chair and try not to get too much chair envy!

The Slot Machine Chair

We weren’t able to track down the manufacturer of this superb looking chair, but having been to Vegas and sat in many similar creations, we can assure you that this is one of the most comfortable chairs you’ll ever find.

So specifically crafted to enhance the gaming experience, this chain vibrates and plays sounds as the player enjoys their slot machine experience. The casino industry is likely to be one of the most demanding when it comes to choosing the perfect chair. Those placing the orders will want to maximise player dwell time and enjoyment. Incidentally, it’s really incredible the journey casinos have been on to reach the age of video slot machines.


This thing is a beast. It may not be the best looking chair on the market and would hardly look good in your conservatory, but lets face it, a chair of this size has to feel good and that’s before we even switch it on.

A brief look at the features shows that this chair is short of nothing and packs more airbags than a Tesla. It’s key features comprise of bluetooth synchronisation, foot rollers and massagers, 5D technology to give a more realistic massage sensation and so much more.

When on full price this bad boy retails for around £10,000. As such, this isn’t a cheap chair, but if you can afford it, it’s got to be worth the splurge.

Drone Pilot Chair

What you’re seeing below is only a concept. However, defence contractor Thales Group reckons they can create this futuristic and rather remarkable looking chair which would support drone pilots and enable them in controlling up to three unmanned drones simultaneously.

Unfortunately as yet there are no production plans for this chair, but if it so happens that you have the need to fly three drones at once, watch this space!

Take to the skies, flight simulator style

A little bit similar to the chair coming in at number 3, but this time for the aviation enthusiast or student pilot.

Perfect your final approach using a good flight simulator and this chair, you’ll be sliding in those touch and gos in no time thanks to the help of this professional grade simulator.

Sit bank and relax – You’re at the dentists.

It’s true that even grownups living in the real would with mortgages and modern day stresses still fear the dentist and no chair is ever going to change that. But even so, you have to marvel at this sophisticated, yet simple and truly bespoke professional chair.

Shaped a little like the saddle of a horse, this chair gives a dentist the perfect perch and arm rest to enable them to give their patient some much needed dental attention.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this range of truly bespoke chairs, each truly suited to their intended purpose. We’ll continue to scour the web for further fantastically customised chairs and report back in due course. Until then, site comfortably and don’t fear the dentist.