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Home decorating ideas

Decorating your home is always challenging as you want your decor to last and to wow your family and friends. Stores that offer home decor will often help you to envision how items will look in your home. Many times they will send their in house decorators to help you with “decorating” your home. Knowing where to place art, lamps, chandeliers, rugs and furniture are often hard for the homeowner and can be made easier by seeing the rooms in a home decor store set up in vignettes.  You can also use home design software for great results.  Custom kitchens are also a space where many home owners pay for assistance in decorating ideas.

Everyone searching for home decor wants to buy that “unique piece” that makes their place different. Following trends will trigger where you want to buy your home decor and you can be trendy but still unique by buying one of a kind things. That’s why buying shabby chic is a look that is in “vogue”. You will be buying something old and then made new and different by the artist that changes it. From milk paint to chalk paint with softly rubbed off surfaces, to cutting edge fabrics that cover the lamps, chairs , and couches that you see will make your home unique.

Newer design ideas include antique furniture is a popular choice for lots of people. Whether or not you plan on going with antique furniture, keep in mind that too much variety leads to chaos. You want your home to have a certain theme. But if you add antique furniture from several different time periods and continents, you may end up with what feels like a jumble of items in your home. Instead, try to create a more unified feel for you home by choosing similar items of collectible home decor.

If you have a unique color layout in mind for your room, choosing the furniture and decor of the room is a natural first step. Think modern sofas with low backs and clean edges, simple tables and chairs with clean lines that lack embellishment or decoration, accent pieces with smooth shapes and basic colors.

Another way to marry abstract art and modern decor is to choose an interesting piece of abstract art and build your room around it. By going this route, you can choose the color palette of the room based on the colors in the artwork. For example, if the art contains a few vibrant primary colors like red, blue and yellow, as the Kandinsky painting mentioned above, you can add a white rug with yellow lines, bright red leather sofa and a blue lamp to an otherwise neutral room.Or you can choose to keep the basic, neutral palette all around and add smaller accent pieces that pull out some of the colors in the abstract art.Decor of a home reflects, to a great extent, some part of the personality of the people who live there.

Nature-loving people usually opt for prints and colors that are inspired by nature. On the other hand, people with vibrant and outgoing personalities are said to find bolder prints and colors more appealing. When it comes to home decor, today you have many options to choose from. With different fabrics and designs in the market, there are many products available that can be combined to make up your unique home decor. It certainly helps turning houses into homes.

Home Decor trends are showing chevron striped rugs, Ikat material that is reminiscent of batik, modern lamps with round shades, re-purposed coffee tables that were once someone else like, railroad luggage carts, chicken coops, European goat carts. Reclaimed wood from old barn and building structures is hot because it gives a story or provenance to a one of kind made piece. Worn spotted mirrors are in as either topped on round tables or covering bureaus for a “Hollywood Glam” look.

The collectible home decor we choose to add to our home can have a lasting impact on our lives. The environment we create will affect our mood and ability to relax. This is why care should be taken to create a home that makes you feel good. You want your home to invigorate you and bring you happiness. Collectible home decor can do wonders in bringing out the beauty of your home. It will also let you enjoy life even more