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Color! It’s the Way to Go

Color! Color! Everywhere

All of the colors in the spectrum, and there are many, are derived from three primary colors – Red, blue and yellow. Secondary colors are generated by mixing together two primary colors. All other colors are considered tertiary colors and are created by combining primary and secondary colors. You can create tones and shades by lightening or darkening colors by adding black or white to a color.

What To Choose

Decorating your home can be a challenge, or a joy. The choice is up to you. You can experiment with different colors, shades and styles while expressing you preferences and tastes. Color choice can set the mood you want to create. Color can produce certain emotions in people. If you want to attract attention to an area, or make a statement, use strong, hot colors. To create a pleasant and welcoming feeling use warm and inviting colors. Cool colors can be invigorating and soothing at the same time. Warm and restful colors are perfect for a bedroom, while vibrant colors work well in a family room where you may entertain.

Colors, Shades and Hues

Base your scheme around one main color and then add other colors and hues to complement your main color. Or, chose another color that will contrast with your main color choice to create your unique expression. To produce a calming feeling, or if you’re unsure of your decorating skills, stay with pale or pastel colors. Use sassy and vibrant colors to give the room a dynamic feel.

Cozy or Spirited

Create a living room that has a warmth and coziness all its own by basing your color scheme completely of warm hues. For a “come to life” kitchen, work with different shades and hues of blue, especially if your kitchen catches the morning light. Contrasting colors accentuate a rooms features, but if they are distributed in the right way, they can also unite a room. It is amazing how you can change the feel and the life of a room with a coat of paint.

Create a style that says “You”

With all of the painting accessories out there on the market today, it’s easy to produce exactly the room you want. Go all out. You ceiling doesn’t have to stay white. If you have a bold colored wall, try painting your ceiling a lighter shade or hue of that bold color. You’ll be surprised how great it will look.

No Time To Paint

And, if you’re not comfortable splashing all of these colors on your walls and ceilings, you can always use the old stand-by, off white paint, and use wall art, furnishings and sofa throws and pillows to infuse color, both bold and warm into your living space.

So crank up your imagination and splash some color around just in time to welcome spring.